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Works, Awards & Reviews

Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award 2015

Purple Dragonfly Book Award 1st Place - 2015

Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist
(Children's Non-fiction and Children's Picture Book) - 2015

Mom's Choice Gold Award, 2014

Green Book Festival, Honorable Mention 2015

THE DANDELION SEED'S BIG DREAM - illustrated by Cris Arbo - ages 4-104 (Dawn Pub. 2014)

"This sequel to The Dandelion Seed (Dawn, 1997) literally begins where the previous volume ends, using the final illustration in that book to begin this story of a dandelion seed’s journey. Instead of drifting over idyllic natural landscapes like its predecessor, this seed floats to a city. Rather than falling into “rich, soft earth,” the seed ends up in a Styrofoam container in a junk-strewn lot. Only after a clean-up crew arrives in spring to prepare a community garden can the seed put down roots and fulfill its dream of blooming. Minimal text on colorful spreads facilitates group sharing. Two pages of information and suggested activities about dandelion growth, seed dispersal, and related topics will help adults plan ways to extend learning. Together with the original, this book should stimulate discussions of themes, such as patience, beauty, and courage, as well as a debate about a dandelion’s status as flower or weed. Libraries without the earlier volume might consider purchasing the pair, although the new book can stand alone." - School Library Journal

"Anthony and Arbo turn the journey of a familiar weed seed into a parable of perseverance." - Kirkus Reviews

"This tale of the journey of a simple seed turns out to be surprisingly suspenseful. Sure to inspire a deeper appreciation of not only dandelions, but of the web of life that connects us all, this lovingly told and beautifully illustrated tale will appeal to anyone who has yearned for a place to grow and bloom." -Terra Brockman, founder of The Land Connection

"While this simple yet meaningful story is about a seed, one can take away from it that life is a struggle with hardships but they can be overcome through courage and perseverance." - Exploring Portland's Natural Areas

"Author Joseph Anthony writes the story of the dandelion in almost a poetic way, with appropriately, simple language even the youngest readers can understand. You love the fact that this book is not copy heavy, rather it flows along in perfect harmony with the exceptional illustrations." -Debbie Glade, Smart Books For Smart Kids

"I happen to like the bright blossoms of the dandelion, and I also like this book."
-Home School Book Review

"Connecting children with nature is a respectful valued theme of "The Dandelion Seed's Big Dream," along with its prequel, "The Dandelion Seed." Both volumes are created by a well-matched husband and wife author/illustrator team with a far-reaching vision of harmony with man and nature." - Midwest Book Review

"This follow-up to The Dandelion Seed, also exquisitely illustrated by Cris Arbo, further exemplifies how well this husband and wife team combine words and pictures to convey simple yet vital nature stories.... The end result is a powerful and fulfilling story, deceptively simple on the page." - Green Teacher

"Readers and listeners will find themselves rooting for the little seed and will feel satisfied with its happy ending. Arbo’s realistic artwork is rich with detail for children of all ages to examine and enjoy." - 2nd Grade Reading.net

“Beautifully illustrated…. it teaches young children that it takes patience, perseverance, and courage to make one’s dream come true."
-Southern Early Childhood Association

"The story and lovingly detailed illustrations provide a gentle lesson on patience and perseverance. Children will also increase their appreciation for nature, and will learn to be mindful of their surroundings.... This is a nice selection for both school and public libraries." - Catholic Library World

New cover as of 2022.
The 'Benjamin Franklin Award' Silver Medal, 1998

THE DANDELION SEED - illustrated by Cris Arbo - ages 3 - 103 (Dawn Pub. 1997)

"Reminiscent of Rose Fyleman's 'A Fairy Went A-Marketing' and Barbara Helen Berger's classic 'Grandfather Twilight', this beautifully illustrated story is profoundly simple and wise. With very few words at all, featuring lush and brightly colored full-page pictures, this is a simple tale of change and renewal. Through the story of one last dandelion seed afraid to 'let go' into the autumn winds, the themes of trust and divine will are illuminated. The cycle of ripenings, dispersal, lying dormant, and eventual sprouting brings wisdom to the once-frightened little 'seed'. Surrender leads to discovery, and trust grows like the seedling rooted in the earth. In a beautifully wrought ending, it is not until the last page that we glimple a human -- a child blowing on a dandelion 'wisher' -- showing the universal through a child's eyes."
-- NAPRA review --

"Joseph Anthony's story of mystery & truth and illustrator Cris Arbo's stunningly detailed illustrations make this a joy for all."
--Scholastic Book Wizard--

“Stunning Illustrations -- very emotionally evocative. Very nice text, inspiring and sweet.”
"Thanks for the gentle allegory. The symbolism will not be lost on young readers. It’s also a wonderfully illustrated nature study, nicely done.”
--Judges’ comments, Publishers Marketing Association, Manhattan Beach, CA--

Parent Council, Ltd. 'Outstanding Selection', 2000

IN A NUTSHELL - illustrated by Cris Arbo - ages 3 - 103 (Dawn Pub. 1999)

Beautifully illustrated, this is the story of a little acorn and how it grew. Reluctantly it dropped on to the dark forest floor, but flourished as it grew into a mighty oak. The oak prospered for many years, and shed many acorns of its own. But then its time was over and it fell to the ground and added nutrients to the soil. A cherry tree was planted in that very spot where the oak tree had fallen. The cherries from that tree were made into a pie that was eaten by the folks who lived in the house next door. The tiny acorn had lived as a tree, nourished the soil and now had nourished people by providing food.

"Dawn finds the most eloquent writers, the best storytellers, the finest illustrators. Books such as In A Nutshell... mesmerize children with their thrilling account from nature, and their breathtaking illustrations..."

"A spectacular book with clear text and fabulous illustrations. Highly recommended."
--London Diocesan Board For Schools--

(Bonneville Books, 2002)

Sometimes we take the most important things in life for granted until they are gone. Thea took the whole world for granted.
Until it was gone.
Getting it back won't be easy, because Thea has penetrated the dimension of pure consciousness, where the laws of physics no longer apply. The universal laws are bent back on themselves, and the world she knew is only a memory.

"Much more than just an exciting fantasy novel!" - Lee Nelson, Author, The Storm Testament