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The Dandelion Seed

We humans tend to resist growing up spiritually. I realized how absurd it would be if another of God's creatures resisted growing up. What if a seed didn't want to grow up and become a flower, for instance? That irony sparked the ideas which grew into 'The Dandelion Seed', and gave me a vehicle for describing the human tendency to resist the inevitable.

When I gave Cris the story she became very excited because clear images came into her mind's eye, something that only happens when a story demands to be illustrated. The one illustration suggestion I gave her referred to the child on the last page. She herself came up with the ideas for the dandelion's journey, the initial manuscript having jumped from the garden to the snowstorm. The illustrations only took 3 months to complete, and thanks to feedback and continued support from the wonderful folks at Dawn, dandelion seeds have been making their mark ever since.