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In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

Just as the mightiest oak begins its life as a tiny acorn, and the greatest life begins with a single dream, so the infinite web of all living things is born of the simplest reality.

Expressing this idea in a way that could be grasped and appreciated by young and old alike became the journey that produced in 'In A Nutshell'. The text took a few years to manifest, not because it is complex, but because the idea is so fundamental to the human experience that layers of intellectual understanding had to be peeled away in order to access the true story beneath.

Following the writer's journey, Cris' artwork was as integral to the completion of the book as the manuscript, and took her eight grueling months to complete. Her research was comprehensive and exacting, from log cabin dimensions and building techniques to amphibian anatomy and ecosystems. The only illustration suggestion I gave her was to have a human community develop throughout the course of the oak's life.

Thanks to Glenn and Muffy at Dawn Publications for their loving collaboration.