When humankind at last plumbs the secrets of the universe, what will that look like? To finally and correctly understand how the cosmos is put together, how would that process unfold? One would expect it to be within the established institutions of science, at an academic cosmological think tank, or an international observatory. But what if it wasn’t? The scientific community has been trying to crack that nut ever since it knew there was a nut to crack. Perhaps the way of the universe is to reveal its secrets differently.

Some call it the “holy grail” of physics. To others it is the “Theory Of Everything”. More technical minds refer to it as the "Unified Field Theory”, which, once discovered, would transform all science. There would be no going back. And the reset button that this discovery represents would never be available again. Quite a kettle of fish for the cosmologist.

So again, would such a discovery be purely scientific, or would it be married to the circumstances around which its discoverers might find themselves? Unlikely as it may seem, over a two year period I myself discovered amazing new things about how the universe is put together. And I was not, before that, a scientist. For this reason, the scientific community has been slow to take my findings seriously.

Some highlights of my findings include a detailed explanation of atomic force interactions; why hydrogen is unique; the cause of the solar magnetic cycle; the cause of the helium flash; the true nature of black holes, of dark matter, of dark energy; the cause of the red shift, the big bang, and a new context for comprehending the dimensions of the universe; a new energy equation which encapsulates my theory mathematically; a rectification of the periodic table.

If you are interested in reading my paper, entitled "Our Multi-Tiered Universe: Showing That Atoms And Galaxies Are Relative Versions Of The Same Thing," please send me an email at josephpatrickanthony01@​gmail.com, and I will be happy to send you the pdf.